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Production Services for Fire Departments

Helmet Shields

Built with real veg-tan leather, our production helmet shields are made to withstand the rigors of the job.  That's not the best part though.  At $38 a piece with no minimum orders, they meet any department's budget.  And we deliver FAST!!!

LumiPass Accounability System Products

Learn more about our new LumiPass Accountability System here.  These photoluminescent products are the future of enhanced safety, identification and accountability in IDLH environments.  Coupled with the most robust unit and personnel identification and accountability system, these photoluminescent products build the most complete and comprehensive firefighter accountability system across the nation!

Radio Straps and Cases

Our 1.5" radio straps are dyed and finished in house ensuring you get the strongest straps out there.  Our radio cases are built with hard case leather for years and years of abuse.  We can stamp your departments logo into the straps and cases to ensure they don't walk away.  (I know, right?)  $35 for each strap and $35 for each case, with no minimum orders is friendly on your department's budget.  

SCBA Identifiers

SCBA Identifiers are great accessories to enhance accountability and identification on the fireground.  Unlike other manufacturers, our SCBA Identifiers, built with heavy veg-tan leather, are designed to "break away" for maximum firefighter safety should an entanglement occur.  We offer identifiers for both the back of the SCBA and the front shoulder strap .  The unit lettering and numbering is highly reflective and comes in any color you'd like.   At $19.99 each, it makes perfect sense to add these to enhance the safety of your members.


Are you your Department's Purchasing Agent?  Feel free to contact us any times with inquiries!

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